Pyjama - About

Pyjama is an active research project and it aims at supporting OpenMP-like directives for Java. Pyjama follows the OpenMP philosophy and its shared memory fork-join model. Pyjama also supports the GUI-awareness for its use in the development of interactive applications.

Programming in Pyjama integrates the benefits of using the directives based incremental parallelism with the high level object oriented programming, in this case Java. Thus, when working in Java, the Pyjama directives can be used to add expressive parallelism and concurrency, without the need to introduce major restructuring or reimplementation.

The salient features of Pyjama include:

  • Conventional OpenMP-like directives for parallelism in Java.
  • GUI-aware directives for the application development.
  • Incremental concurrency through the GUI-aware directives.
  • Support for the Android platform.
  • New concepts and directives for OpenMP asynchronous event-driven programming.


Pyjama compiler and runtime is available here.

Getting started

Download the compiler and take a look at the Quick Start guide.


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