PARCutils - About

PARCutils integrates utilities that can be used by any parallel processing framework including the ones developed by Parallel and Reconfigurable Computing Group. The framework provides read-to-use mechanisms for convenient, efficient and intuitive parallelization of loops that involve iterations over collections, based on different scheduling policies. PARCutils can be used for any type of collections (even those that are inherently sequential, such as lists).
Furthermore, in order to facilitate the management and integeration of results that are normally returned from iterations and parallel processes, PARCutils offers an extensive set of ready-to-use reduction operations under the RedLib package. RedLib offers an approach called nestable reduction objects, where reductions on dictionary types (i.e., maps) can nest other reduction objects for performing convoluted operations.

Getting Started

Take a look at the introductions to Parallel Iterator and RedLib, where you can find a comprehensive guide on how to utilize these features with intuitive examples.


PARCutils libraries and source can be downloaded from here.


User manuals and API Documentation available here.