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Academic staff:

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Post Docs/Research Assistants:

  • Michael Orr, "Pulsar-search in FPGAs for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA)"
  • Julia Oppermann, "Pulsar-search in FPGAs for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA)"

PhD students:

  • Krystine Sherwin, SKA Project Scholar, "Automatic hardware/software partitioning of high level code for processor/accelerator systems"
  • Huijun (Tony) Wang, "Task Scheduling for Parallel Systems Under Modern Models Using Novel Approaches"

Master students:

Former students

Post Docs:

  • Ting Yu, "Pulsar-search in FPGAs for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA)"
  • Haomiao Wang, "Pulsar-search in FPGAs for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA)"
  • Giuseppe De Ruvo, "Software Engineering Education"
  • Nasser Giacaman, "Platform for object oriented parallelisation"

PhD students:

  • Haomiao Wang, SKA Project Scholar, "Reconfigurable Hardware based High Performance Computing"
  • Mostafa Mehrabi, "Cloud Computing with Parallel Tasks"
  • Xing Fan, "Object-oriented shared-memory programming with OpenMP"
  • Sam Collinson, UoA Doctoral Scholar, "Fast Digital Rendering"
  • Sarad Venugopalan, Marsden Fund Doctoral Scholar, "Optimal Task Scheduling on Parallel Systems"
  • Ting Yu, TEC Enterprise Scholar, "High Performance Computing with Reconfigurable Hardware in openCMISS"
  • Ravi Chandra, UoA Doctoral Scholar, "Java to Hardware Compilation"
  • Nasser Giacaman, UoA Doctoral Scholar, "Parallelisation of Desktop Environments"

Master students:

  • Huijun (Tony) Wang, "An Experience comparison of single and multile phase algorithms for multiprocsessor task scheduling"
  • Hans Raj Bhardwaj, "Parallelisation techniques under Android"
  • Weng Hao Tong, "Advancing Parallel Task, Parallel Iterator and Pyjama on Android"
  • Chong Ke, "Making scheduling aware of identical data"
  • Xiaoxing Hu, "Benchmarking and Cache-awareness in Java"
  • Kingsley (Chen) Wang, "Performance implications of thread count in a multiple-application environment"
  • Jonathan Chow, "Parallel Programming Patterns using Parallel Task on Android"
  • Vikas, "Parallelisation under Android"
  • Lama Akeila, "Object-Oriented Parallelisation"
  • Alistair Palmer, "Scheduling Algorithm Based on New Clustering Approach"
  • Ahmed Zaki Semar Shahul, "Optimal Scheduling Algorithms"