The main IWOMP workshop will be held on September 12th-13th (and a tutorial on the 11th)

The events will be in building 423:

Wednesday 11th September

OpenMP tutorial

Thursday 12th September (IWOMP Day 1)

8:30am Registration opens
8:50am Welcome
9:00am Just How Far Can We Push Symmetric Multiprocessing? Caches All The Way Down?
(David Abramson) Full keynote details here
Best Paper
10:00am OMPSan: Static Verification of OpenMP’s Data Mapping Constructs (slides)
(Prithayan Barua, Jun Shirako, Whitney Tsang, Jeeva Paudel, Wang Chen and Vivek Sarkar)
10:30am Morning tea
11:00am Score-P and OMPT: Navigating the Perils of Callback-Driven Parallel Runtime Introspection
(Christian Feld, Simon Convent, Marc-André Hermanns, Joachim Protze, Markus Geimer and Bernd Mohr)
11:30am ScalOMP: Analyzing the Scalability of OpenMP Applications
(Anton Daumen, Patrick Carribault, François Trahay and Gaël Thomas)
12:00pm A Framework for Enabling OpenMP Autotuning
(Vinu Sreenivasan, Rajath Javali, Mary Hall, Prasanna Balaprakash, Tom Scogland and Bronis R. de Supinski)
12:30pm Lunch
2:00pm HetroOMP: OpenMP for Hybrid Load Balancing Across Heterogeneous Processors (slides)
(Vivek Kumar, Abhiprayah Tiwari and Gaurav Mitra)
2:30pm Concepts for OpenMP Target Offload Resilience
(Christian Engelmann, Geoffroy Vallee and Swaroop Pophale)
3:00pm OpenMP on FPGAs -- A Survey
(Florian Mayer, Marius Knaust and Michael Philippsen)
3:30pm OpenMP Dynamic Device Offloading in Heterogeneous Platforms (slides)
(Ángel Álvarez, Iñigo Ugarte, Víctor Fernández and Pablo Sanchez)
4:00pm Afternoon tea
4:30pm Design and Use of Loop-Transformation Pragmas (slides)
(Michael Kruse and Hal Finkel)
5:00pm ompparser: A Standalone and Unified OpenMP Parser (slides)
(Anjia Wang, Yaying Shi, Xinyao Yi, Yonghong Yan, Chunhua Liao and Bronis R. de Supinski)
5:30pm The TRegion Interface and Compiler Optimizations For OpenMP Target Regions (slides)
(Johannes Doerfert, Jose Manuel Monsalve Diaz and Hal Finkel)
6:00pm Day concludes (break)
7:00pm IWOMP dinner: The Wharf, Grand View

Friday 13th September (IWOMP Day 2)

8:30am Registration opens
8:50am Welcome
9:00am Parallel Processing in the Square Kilometre Array Project (slides)
(Andrew Ensor) Full keynote details here
10:00am On the Benefits of Tasking with OpenMP
(Alejandro Rico, Isaac Sánchez Barrera, Jose A. Joao, Joshua Randall, Marc Casas and Miquel Moretó)
10:30am Morning tea
11:00am The Cooperative Parallel: A Discussion About Run-time Schedulers for Nested Parallelism (slides)
(Sara Royuela, Maria A. Serrano, Sergi Mateo, Marta Garcia, Jesus Labarta and Eduardo Quiñones)
11:30am Towards A Standard Interface for User-Defined Scheduling in OpenMP
(Vivek Kale, Christian Iwainsky, Michael Klemm, Jonas H. Müller Korndörfer and Florina M. Ciorba)
12:00pm Extending OpenMP Metadirective Semantics for Runtime Adaptation (slides)
(Yonghong Yan, Anjia Wang, Chunhua Liao, Thomas R.W. Scogland and Bronis R. de Supinski)
12:30pm Lunch
2:00pm Detecting Non-Sibling Dependencies in OpenMP Task Based Applications
(Ricardo Bispo-Vieira, Antoine Capra, Patrick Carribault, Julien Jaeger, Marc Pérache and Adrien Roussel)
2:30pm A Proposal for Supporting Speculation in the OpenMP taskloop Construct (slides)
(Juan Salamanca and Alexandro Baldassin)
3:00pm OpenMP Task Generation for Batched Kernel APIs (slides)
(Jinpil Lee, Yutaka Watanabe and Mitsuhisa Sato)
3:30pm Introducing the Task-Aware Storage I/O (TASIO) Library (slides)
(Aleix Roca, Vicenç Beltran and Sergi Mateo)
4:00pm Afternoon tea
Using OpenMP
4:30pm Optimization of Condensed Matter Physics Application with OpenMP Tasking Model (slides)
(Joel Criado Ledesma, Marta Garcia, Jesus Labarta, Raül Sirvent, Arghya Chatterjee, Oscar Hernandez and Gonzalo Alvarez)
5:00pm Cache Line Sharing and Communication in ECP Proxy Applications
(Joshua Randall, Alejandro Rico and Jose Joao)
5:30pm Making OpenMP Ready for C++ Executors
(Thomas Scogland, Daniel Sunderland, Stephen Olivier, David Hollman, Noah Evans and Bronis R. de Supinski)
6:00pm Day concludes