Parallel IT -- True Object Oriented Parallelisation

This project is dedicated to tools, libraries and language enhancements for the parallelisation of object oriented (OO) applications. Based on three new concepts: Parallel Iterator, Parallel Task and Pyjama, the project is currently divided into three corresponding sub-projects, see below. They provide good parallelisation performance, while adhering to OO concepts, with a unique focus on interactive GUI applications.

Implementations in and for Java are Open Source (GPL).

Optimal Task Scheduling for Parallel Systems

This overarching project is dedicated to the optimal solution of NP-hard scheduling problems for small to medium sized instanced. The problem addressed is the problem of optimally scheduling Task Graphs with Communication Delays on Parallel Systems. It consists of several sub-projects and provides resources to the research community, e.g. an optimal schedules database and solver implementations.

Reconfigurable Computing and High-level Design

This set of research projects concentrates on Reconfigurable Computing, or the use of FPGAs, in high performance computing. Here FPGAs are used as computing accelerators in combination with a general purpose processor. Special focus is on high-level design and synthesis techniques to achieve this.

Software Engineering Education